MY NAME IS Angel Andujar
aka The HEALER EMPATH coach

Lucky Charm Coaching

I help people to increase their luck, with my one-on-one exclusive Lucky Charm Coaching program. No fluff, no fuss, no big bucks.

Life Coaching

Certified Life Coach by Robbins Madanes Training.

Why hire me?
⦿ Certified by one of the best coaching school in the world.
⦿ 28+ years self-taught practical psychology.
⦿ Launched 3 businesses, 2 success, 1 failure. Initiating the 4th as a Life Coach.
⦿ Studied with the best in the generation lead industry.
⦿ Actively working towards finishing my B.A. in Psychology.

Topics I Discuss


Increase Your Luck

Increase profits, love attraction, opportunities that you never dreamed of before.


Vision & Message

I will help you craft your core message and get clarity on what exactly do you want from this life.



Attract money effortsly.


Hacking The Mind

Scientifically based tips to hack your mind and succeed.


Self Improvement

The internet is full of self-improvement advice.
I tried them all. I will tell you what really works and what is an illusion.


Continuous Support

Answering your questions and concerns at no extra cost to you.



Attract love like never before.


What is holding you back?

Lets discover what is holding you back.

If You Have Any Question,
Feel Free to Call 1-727-457-7316

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