Dear employer, the purpose of this electrical case project page is not to flaunt myself. Instead, it shows that I am willing to learn. If you choose me for the program, you will have the best student/employee you have ever employed in your business life.

240V Outlet Installation (ongoing project)

My wife was tired of going to the laundromat to get our clothes cleaned. I asked her if putting a dryer on would make any difference for her. She responded, “I would marry you again if you did that for me.” Deal closed. Here is me finishing installing all the pipes with wire in them.  

Replacing old fuse box

In 2020 I purchased a mobile home that came with a fuse panel. I thought the house could use some general electrical improvements. So before making any electrical changes to the house I decided to start replacing that old fuse box. This is the final outcome. I received telephonic guidance from my brother-in-law to finish this project. 

Tankless Water Heater Installation

This mobile home that I purchased in 2020 had a very old and bad water heater tank. Since my electrical skills are limited, I decided to go for the simplest and straightforward solution: a tankless water heater. It took me an entire day to figure out the entire installation process. But it was worth it. 

Installing a Brand New 120V outlet

My wife and I have some TV entertainment differences. She loves “telenovelas” and I love Sci-Fi shows. Since I love her so much and I did not want us to be in different rooms watching different stuff, why not make a home double entertainment setting? To make it a reality, I installed a brand-new outlet in this room. To give context, this part of the house did not have a single 120V outlet. So, I did the wiring and installed one. By the way, just a single 120v outlet on this side of the house took me two days since it was really difficult working under the mobile home. 

Powering My Brand New Office

For the last 3 years I have worked from home. When I purchased it in 2020, I realized that I had to do some expansion. Since this mobile home is single-wide, I had no room for my office. After creating the extra room designated for my office, the next step was to install a brand-new 120V outlet to power my office.

Replacing Old Porcelain Bulb Socket

I just want it to go fancy. I have replaced an old porcelain bulb socket with a modern roof lamp.